TeamWize App

TeamWize is a better way to communicate and engage with the people in your organisation.

  • Board of Governors
  • Senior Leaders
  • Classes, Departments and Teams

It represents best practice for collaboration, combined with some clever ideas from social media. Unlike virtual office systems, such as Microsoft 365 or Google Apps for Education, it does much more than basic document and file storage.

People like TeamWize and it is easy to learn.

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  • Central collaboration on projects and files.
  • Project groups with tasks, forums and direct messaging (open or closed).
  • Events, activities and meetings, with RSVP and reminders.
  • Revision and history profiles: Who did what? When, where and why?
  • Activity streams with news, pictures and status updates.
  • Mobile friendly. Works just like a smartphone app.
  • Can be provide as a standalone service and linked to any existing website

You're in control

TeamWize App is hosted in a secure online space, where you decide who is involved and who sees what.

It's made for all internal collaboration.

What is wrong with email?

Email is great, when used as means to message someone, and it also works pretty well for mass broadcasting. But it was never designed for group discussions, file storage or task management.

    For example. You send an email to two people to arrange a meeting time. One says yes, but the other can't make it. You reply to all, suggesting a new time. The new time is not suitable for the first person. Another set of responses, another reply to all for a reschedule.

    Finally everyone responds agreeing on a time. If you were counting, the whole palava added nine emails to your inbox. And this was just three people and one meeting.

    Email leads to duplication. Attachments get mixed up. People miss things and important messages can end in the junk folder

    TeamWize App eliminates these problems and also solves many others.

    I'm interested. What now?

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    TeamWize Pricing

    Pricing is based on school size, defined by pupil numbers as published by Edubase.

    Tiny School

    £2950monthly subscription
    or £295 paid annually
    • for schools of
      up to 75 pupils
    • Up to 15 users
    • 10GB storage
    • Setup fee £99

    Small School

    monthly subscription
    or £395 paid annually
    • schools of between
      76 - 150 pupils
    • Up to 30 users
    • 20GB storage
    • Setup fee £149

    Medium School

    monthly subscription
    or £495 paid annually
    • schools of between
      151 - 300 pupils
    • Up to 60 users
    • 30GB storage
    • Setup fee £199

    Larger School

    monthly subscription
    or £795 paid annually
    • schools of between
      301 - 600 pupils
    • Up to 90 users
    • 40GB storage
    • Setup fee £249

    Big School

    monthly subscription
    or £995 paid annually
    • schools of over
      600 pupils
    • Up to 120 users
    • 50GB storage
    • Setup fee £299

    Can Clusters use TeamWize for inter-school collaboration?

    • Absolutley. We are very happy to work with clusters and can provide TeamWize just as we would for a school.
    • Please choose the package which best fits your needs, based on the number of users.
    • Cluster members qualify for 25% discount off the intitial setup fee when ordering TeamWize for their own schools.

    Teaching alliances may be elegible for our partner program.

    • Partners benefit from a subsidised service, in return for using a co-branded version of TeamWize. 
    • Partners are allowed unlimited users and pay for intial setup, plus for any extra storage.
    • Subscription fees are negotiable and are sometimes provided free of charge, subject to status.
    • Alliance members qualify for 25% discount off the intitial setup fee when ordering TeamWize for thier own schools.
    • Don't want a co-branded version? No problem, choose a school package which best fits your needs, based on number of users.
    Apply for partner program

    Additional storage and extra users are available if required.

    • Additional blocks of storage are currently priced at £50 per 10GB per year, including backups.
    • Extra users within school size bands, are charged at £3 per user, per month.
    • Rates are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they remain competitive and fair.

    What's with storage?
    Server space needs to be monitored because it costs money. Our storage quotas are extremely generous and when managed well, it is unlikely that your organisation will ever need any extra.*

    * Just so you know. We always maintain at least 30 backups of your data, across three different locations. So for every single unit of storage that you need, we backup and protect 90 units.

    Data protection is what we get paid for and we take it very seriously. 

    • Green padlock security for all TeamWize installations.
    • All servers located in UK data centres.
    • Database and file backups, three times daily, retained for up to 30 days.
    • Our service provider's London facility is ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS certified.

    We keep our terms of service as simple as we can

    • Monthly subscription fees are by recurring debit or credit card payment.
    • Discounted annual rates are prepaid in advance and become due upon submission of invoice.
    • Minimum contract length is 12 months and cancellation thereafter is subject to only 30 days written notice.
    • Initial setup charge is payable in advance and is non-refundable.
    • Prices include hosting, software maintenance, security certification, tech support and off-site backups.