School Website Pricing

We are transparent with our pricing and unlike most other providers there are no extra charges for advanced features.

Tiny School

£995   One-off setup cost
  • for schools of
    up to 75 pupils
  • Annual fee £195

Small School

One-off setup cost
  • schools of between
    76 - 150 pupils
  • Annual fee £245

Mid-Size School

One-off setup cost
  • schools of between
    151 - 300 pupils
  • Annual fee £295

Larger School

One-off setup cost
  • schools of between
    301 - 600 pupils
  • Annual fee £345

Big School

One-off setup cost
  • for schools of 
    600 - 1000 pupils
  • Annual fee £395

Prefer to pay monthly? View our monthly rates.

Pay monthly rates are based on a 36 month contract. Prices for Multi Academy Trusts and schools of over 1000 pupils are available upon request.

Affordable pricing to fit your budget

Our pricing is very competitve when comparred with other school website providers and the majority of local web designers. 

Unlike general web designers, we are working with schools all the time and have developed a 'best of breed' platform which solves all the digital problems that a school will encounter.

And rather than provide a basic platform and then charge a premium for each advanced feature, all our school customers get the full package, so that all benefit from our ethos of continuous improvement.

Free Progressive Web App

PWAs are the next big thing and allow a school website to be installed as an app on most mobile phones - without the need to sign in to a app store.

Additional Paid Services

Website photography from £295 
Content transfer from £195

Fair Use Policy

All schools are provided with ample server storage for their anticipated usage based on school size. However, to keep our prices affordable and competitive we operate a generous fair use policy.