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"We have learned that to do a good job, you need the right tools. This is why we provide the best features in a school website package that you can get.

But more than this. Our productivity apps help to solve problems, reduce friction and make life easier. It is here that we make a real difference.

We achieve this though continuous improvement of our product range. Packed with technology, it provides answers for all the needs a school will have online".

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Magazine style layouts

Attractive, colourful and engaging. That is how we design things and this is what we deliver. We tend not to use off-the-shelf templates and every school website design is unique.

Advanced content system

Because we use a great software package, you'll find that managing your website is a breeze. In fact our chosen framework is also used by Oxford and Cambridge, as well the BBC, Virgin.com and TES.

Easy media management

Include slideshows, videos and photo galleries that everyone will enjoy. The media browser makes it easy to upload images and even to resize or crop them.

Attachments and newsletters

PDF Newsletters get featured on the home page. They are also included in a searchable archive, accessible to parents. Attaching PDF files to a page is much the same as when writing an email.

Third party integrations

Services which we always provide include; Google Translate, Google Maps and Google Analytics. We can also add Twitter or Facebook feeds and others like Soundcloud.

Front page news

Promote content to the front page with newsboards, designed to get maximum attention. Latest news, noticeboard posts or important announcements such as a snow closure.

Dynamic rolling calendar

Optimised for mobile phones, the calendar updates itself with upcoming events. Syncronise with Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar or any other platform which supports iCal.


Classes, departments & clubs

Every class or department is like a microsite and can have it's own group leader who acts as editor. Each group can have it's own curriculum content and unlimited sub pages.

'Meet The Team' pages

The staff directory provides a place to introduce visitors to school personnel. Available as simple version with names and photos, or an enhanced version with self-edited bio pages.

Form builder

Provided out of the box, is a leave of absence form; a positive feedback form and work experience form. The form builder allows you to create your own. Parental surveys for example.


Our productivity applications are compelling upgrades for any school website and it is here that we make a real difference. Unlike other providers, we don't describe these systems as 'add-ons'. This is because they are full blown, standalone applications in their own right*.

Improve communications, reduce admin, save time and reach good decisions.​​

Easable Teamwork Icon

TeamWize App*

Create open and closed workgroups, and eliminate round-robin email chains. Define tasks, review progress, discuss issues and share documents; all in one place.

Collaborate securely with governors and staff members; volunteers or third parties.

Easable Teamwork App

Bookings App* 

Manage bookings via your school website to reduce admin and paperwork. Designed for out-of-school clubs and trips. Book places, collect payments and produce a register. 

Compatible with ParentPay, SagePal, PayPal and other payment service providers.

* Can be provide as a standalone service and linked to any existing website

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